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About Resilient Me

Since 2015, Resilient Me has been at the forefront of developing and delivering exceptional workshops for education and for business. With the emphasis on developing a positive mindset and a thorough understanding of how the brain and body works, Resilient Me has inspired thousands of students and employees to want to perform at their best, and given them valuable techniques and tools that they can use every day to combat everyday stress.


Resilient Me uses a nationwide team of highly effective and engaging professional trainers, each of whom are able to deliver our workshops to groups large or small. You can link to a brief biography for each of them below, and also discover a little more about how and why the company was formed.

Resilient Me works hard for its clients with one end goal always in sight - to deliver strength through understanding. 

Our Management Team

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Our Presenting Team

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How it began...

The story of Resilient Me began 20 years ago when its Principal and Founder, Rachel Munns, experienced a close member of her family suffering a major breakdown due to stress at work. A number of years later she then witnessed both her husband and her son going through extremely tough times for other mental health-related reasons. Thankfully, all three are now well and thriving, but these were the reasons that Resilient Me came into being.


She asked a couple of simple questions. What could she do to raise awareness of, overcome the stigma, and then build resilience to mental health issues? Would it be possible to influence or change the culture of both workplaces and schools, so that anyone with early signs or symptoms could be supported and listened to?


Rachel was already an experienced presenter and trainer, so used her professional and lived experience to create ‘The Circus of Life’. This workshop, and the results it began to achieve, became the foundation upon which Resilient Me was built. It is now firmly established as the first of a three-stage process which includes MHA, Resilience, PMA (Positive Mental Attitude) and Management training.


Her husband Tony has now also joined the company, and is living proof of the effectiveness of the course and workshops in turning things around. These life-changing outcomes are now all within reach for employees, students and individuals alike.


So both the back story and the mission statement for Resilient Me can be summed up in three words – strength through understanding.

The Resilient Me Backstory

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