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Virtual Training for Staff


Even before the pandemic, teaching staff were under enormous pressure and juggling a multitude of demanding, sometimes difficult tasks. The fallout and all the new challenges it represents mean that no aspect of education has got any easier.


Education staff are worried every day for their safety. They also have to deal with new rules and protocols, and need to have the understading to be able to reassure students and colleagues. There has never been a greater need for staff to be trained in mental health awareness and resilience, so that they may continue to work at their best and focus on the difficult job in hand.


Resilient Me has created a large number of live, interactive, online workshops that cover a full range of topics to support staff with their mental wellbeing. These topics include:



  • Managing Emotions & Wellbeing 
  • Understanding Stress & Building Personal Wellbeing
  • Mental Health Awareness and Wellbeing
  • Building Resilience, Growth & Focus
  • Understanding & Supporting Wellbeing  (Managers)
  • Managing Wellbeing Conversations  (Managers)



We are also happy to create bespoke programmes to meet your needs. Download the factsheet below for full information about the workshop content and outcomes.

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