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Our Clients and Feedback

Resilient Me is justly proud of the exemplary feedback we recieve from our valued clients in both the education and business sectors. We work hard to provide engaging, effective and memorable workshops and training that have a positive effect on lives, careers and futures.

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EVERYONE on the course has said it has helped them and met all of their expectations. They have thoroughly enjoyed the course and they feel better informed about mental health conditions and how to manage them. I would highly recommend the training to anyone considering this for their teams

A.S., Valeo Service (UK) 

Rachel managed to get over a wide range of key concepts and practical solutions - demonstrating her deep knowledge of her subject matter. She is engaging, funny and wise. Staff feedback was excellent, and we are hoping to build on the learning in our everyday practice

CEO, Sheffield Futures

Resilient Me's workshops really helped me recognise the signs of stress in myself as well as others and showed me how to make some changes to help me cope with the challenges that we all come across from time to time She also made me a more supportive manager.

C.B., Rhenus

Over 40 years in the motor industry and so many courses attended, this was the most informative, understandable, honest and enlightening thing I have ever been to.

J.D., Suzuki (GB) Ltd.

Our Y6’s were really engaged, the content was interesting and fun and challenged the children to learn in new and interesting ways. When leaving there was a really positive buzz from the children saying how much they enjoyed it.

E.G., Gatton Park

Thank you so much for Friday, Although the session was virtual it seemed to work really well and it made students think differently about their work ethic in sixth form”

S.M., Ridgeway Academy

The ‘Study Skills’ workshop that Rachel delivers to Y10 students is inspirational to students and staff alike, enabling high functioning students to develop a wide range of alternative approaches to aid their learning.

T.D., Kesteven GGS

The workshops were very relevant and useful. Engagement with some of our more tricky students was high and all students spoke to after the session said how useful the session was. The delivery and execution was pitched excellently. 

B.M., DSLV Academy

The course is a must have and I believe everyone should take the time to attend.

H.S., Suzuki GB

A wide range of key concepts and practical solutions - demonstrating  deep knowledge of her subject matter. 

G.G., Sheffield Futures

It was a good team-building moment [moving] towards better understanding and cohesiveness.

S.M., CML Logistics

The presenter's style and presentation was skilled, professional and encouraged contributions from all.

S.W., Lincolnshire CC

The Resilient Me workshop was innovating and engaging for all of our year 11 students transitioning into year 12. The new programme felt very tailored to our students and enabled them to have an insight into the world of A level studies. 

A.M. St Thomas More

It was very interactive in both sessions which helped the students to focus more as they had breaks away from sitting and listening. The Year 10 session was brilliant as they were given a wide range of revision techniques. 

R.H., Castle View School

Absolutely brilliant!  Very useful information and presented in an engaging and interactive way.

K.M., Stamford School

Excellent illustrations of the techniques that students can use to aid their revision and memory.

Priory School

Some very challenging sessions with, at times, soul searching activities. The pupils were challenged to reflect honestly on their life journeys and to set targets for immediate and future development in order to meet their short term, mid term and ling term life goals

F.M., Broadoak School

The presenter had a nice way with the students and kept it funny and light hearted throughout. Overall administration and setting up was excellent and easy. I was so impressed I have already suggested future sessions to our trust and recommended to a local charity”

G.M., Wootton Academy

The Prepare to Pass workshop was both extremely insightful, informative and engaging for both students and staff alike. Students enjoyed the personable and upbeat style and tone of the workshop and the presenter (Ken) to be very engaging.

A.G., Basildon Academies

Thank you so much for the sessions at Rushden Academy yesterday – the staff and students loved it!  The students didn’t stop talking about it all day!

D.P., Aspire Higher

The Resilient Me client list continues to grow year on year, and includes some of the best companies, educators and organisations in the UK and beyond...

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