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In person and online training and support like no other, providing unique opportunities for student personal and skills development

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Resilient Me offers a comprehensive suite of workshops for resilience, wellbeing and numerous accelerated learning skills across key stages 3 -5.

In addition, we can provide staff inset days and parent/teacher twilight sessions.

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The transition from secondary to higher education is one of the biggest changes in student life. 

Our further education workshops offfer invaluable support and useful techniques to ensure best performance and success through the transition period and beyond.

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Student life at higher education level can be daunting and sometimes overwhelming. 

Resilient Me provides workshops that will reduce stress, and give valuable strategies that will improve wellbeing and performance.

More information and factsheets can be found here:


Sixth Form is the bridge between childhood and adulthood. A land of opportunity where young people take important steps towards their future.
The actions they take at this point can be life changing.

‘Springboard to Success’ is the perfect workshop for students looking to move successfully into Higher Education or out into the world of work. It builds selfconfidence, aspiration and motivation.



Through our new learning website,, we are able to offer schools and colleges a valuable combination of workshops, community and resources that can be extended to staff and parents as well as the students themselves. Packages are arranged and priced according to the required participant numbers and type of packages - please contact us for more information.




“It was a really interesting and fun workshop with excellent illustrations of the techniques the students can use to aid their revision and memory in preparation for the upcoming exams. The day was highly engaging, delivered in an enthusiastic and relevant way to the students and parents by Rachel. Rachel kept pace throughout the morning and afternoon with a well-structured session interspersed with fun activities. The presentation to parents was very well received and an important part of developing a common approach to this crucial time with Year 11 students."

The Priory School, Lewes, Sussex


“Students engaged and responded well. They enjoyed their course and were positive with their feedback.

'Prepare to Pass' was very well delivered and value for money with time given to both students and parents. Overall - excellent!"

Louise Poole, Assistant Head, Chailey School



“Absolutely brilliant!  Very useful information and presented in an engaging and interactive way.  I was very impressed with the resources and the amount of quick and practical tips for the students to be able to use instantly. It was very well organised and very useful for the students who were engaged throughout the whole session. All the students I have spoken to since found it useful and as a teacher I also found some ideas for adapting my teaching."

Stamford High School

“We thought the course was very good but the best thing is that I have requested teachers set some revision homework for our younger pupils using the ideas that you explained and this has been followed through on. My wife has been really impressed with what our younger son has been doing."

Dr A Dando, Director of Studies, St Bede’s College


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