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Introducing Resilient Me

Hi, I’m Rachel and I am very proud to be the founder of Resilient Me.


I started out as a television journalist and media trainer, and became drawn into the world of self-help initially by training to be a counsellor, then latterly through training to be both a mindfulness practitioner and a mental health first aider.


Whilst I consider this training and experience to be hugely valuable, it is my own first-hand experience of stress-related illness and mental health issues in my family and beyond that truly qualifies me to help others. My motivation in setting up both the business and charity-related aspects of Resilient Me is to ensure other adults and teenagers avoid similar difficulties and are better-prepared to recognise and deal with life's stresses effectively.

Rachel Munns  Principal and Founder

Based in Rutland, in the heart of the UK, Resilient Me is a small and niche organisation with a big reach. Our courses have been developed locally and delivered nationally for over 10 years, to companies and educational establishments large and small. Resilient Me presenters are a well organised and experienced team of lively and engaging communicators who consistently achieve outstanding feedback, and work hard to build long-lasting and meaningful relationships with all our clients.

I am Rachel’s husband and look after the marketing and design requirements for Resilient Me.


Although not directly involved in presenting, I have previously held a variety of senior management roles in the creative business, and so know first-hand about the stresses and strains of the corporate world! Luckily, I’ve also learned how to deal with them effectively – largely through Rachel’s work and advice.


I cannot overstate what a big difference that recognising the symptoms - and knowing how to effectively manage them - can make. If every young person or stressed employee is given the right help and strategies early enough, everybody wins. Achievement is higher, productivity increases, and the entire work or learning environment improves.  I firmly believe in Resilient Me and what it can achieve for its clients, and look forward to working with a growing number of schools and businesses to help improve the environment for work or study.

Tony Munns  Marketing and Creative

Cathy Marshall Personal Performance Coach

I am 46 years old, married to my wonderful hubby, Anthony and we have a beautiful chocolate Labrador called OJ (short for Oliver James!). We live in Rutland, although I’m originally from Cardiff in South Wales.


Like Rachel, I have had first-hand  experience of stress-related illness and mental health issues in my family, which has spurred me on to help people and facilitate a positive change in their lives through Coaching.


My coaching journey began back in 2015 when I decided to seek some coaching to help me deal with some challenges at work which were causing me some stress.The coaching that I had was enlightening and not only helped me create a different, more positive approach to dealing with situations in my own professional and personal life but also, and most importantly opened my eyes to the power of coaching and how it can transform people.


I have worked in Human Resources for the last 16 years and up until last year had worked in the corporate world for 9 years. As your coach, I want to inspire and motivate you to create new opportunities for yourself whether it be personally or professionally; to rejuvenate your life! I want to empower you to be great, to achieve your goals and fulfil your potential!


I am delighted to be working with and supporting the outstanding and vital work of Resilient Me.


I became a Coach after leaving the Corporate world in 2002 having felt the pressures of stress, burn-out, no ‘work-life’ balance and all the results that come with those things. I was well aware of the need to support individuals and organisations in providing an opportunity for people at all levels to learn the skills of well-being and resilience and to be given the time to talk with a professional to help maintain their own personal mental health, life balance and effectiveness.


Recognising that even the most skilled person, team or company have 'off' days, I specialise in helping individuals and organisations achieve and maintain their clarity of purpose and vision, and support them in a structured way so they reach the goals necessary to succeed. This is achieved through the provision of 1-1 coaching, workshops, seminars and keynote speeches that compliment any existing training package in the SME, Corporate and Education Sector.


Coaching is either 1-1 or a mix of group and 1-1s, and even with the power of IT and on-line material, the results achieved by a person to person interaction are still unbeaten.


As a specialist 1-1 Coach I have worked with tens of thousands of people from board directors, senior and middle managers to entrepreneurs, small business owners, students, teachers and members of the public from all walks of life.

David Jessop Life and Success Coach

When not presenting ourselves, we are able to draw upon a team of experienced and trusted professional presenters throughout the UK. Resilient Me is therefore able to offer its courses in most locations, on a date and at a time that suits you best.


All our presenters are fully conversant with the latest developments, laws and practices concerning mental health and stress-related illness, and are able to fully engage and motivate both students and employees in order to achieve maximum benefit.

Our Presenters

David Jessop