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Workshop Packages

for Education


As a company, we truly believe that student success is a three-stage process, and this approach runs through all our education training. 

Step 1 – Positive Mental Wellbeing
Once your head is in the right place learning becomes easier and deeper, and the value
of money and effort spent on knowledge and skills acquisition is maximised.


Step 2 – Motivation
Creating the right mindset to deal with how you approach learning, and how you deal with
 is critical to success in life – not just in school.

Step 3 – Knowledge and Skills
With both positive wellbeing and the right mindset now in place, the time and effort spent on actual learning is maximised and student confidence soars.

Our workshops are designed to support these three stages, and we have made sure that we have ‘the
perfect something’ for every (key) stage of the way.
  The result? Powerful, resilient learners!

To see what’s on offer, just click on the links below…

Key Stage 3 – all you need to get off to a great start in secondary education and to put the
building blocks in place for success in Key Stage 4

Key Stage 4 – all you need to build motivated, resilient students who will achieve great study
and exam success

Key Stage 5 – all you need for students to achieve success in further education whilst
preparing them for life as young adults

For further information and pricing please call Dean Blanch on 02045 308511, or email


Through our online learning website,, we are able to offer schools and colleges a valuableselection of workshops that can be offered to staff and parents as well as the students themselves. Onlineworkshop packages are arranged and priced according to the required participant numberss - please contact us for more information.


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“It was a really interesting and fun workshop with excellent illustrations of the techniques the students can use to aid their revision and memory in preparation for the upcoming exams. The day was highly engaging, delivered in an enthusiastic and relevant way to the students and parents by Rachel. Rachel kept pace throughout the morning and afternoon with a well-structured session interspersed with fun activities. The presentation to parents was very well received and an important part of developing a common approach to this crucial time with Year 11 students."

The Priory School, Lewes, Sussex


“Students engaged and responded well. They enjoyed their course and were positive with their feedback.

'Prepare to Pass' was very well delivered and value for money with time given to both students and parents. Overall - excellent!"

Louise Poole, Assistant Head, Chailey School



“Absolutely brilliant!  Very useful information and presented in an engaging and interactive way.  I was very impressed with the resources and the amount of quick and practical tips for the students to be able to use instantly. It was very well organised and very useful for the students who were engaged throughout the whole session. All the students I have spoken to since found it useful and as a teacher I also found some ideas for adapting my teaching."

Stamford High School

“We thought the course was very good but the best thing is that I have requested teachers set some revision homework for our younger pupils using the ideas that you explained and this has been followed through on. My wife has been really impressed with what our younger son has been doing."

Dr A Dando, Director of Studies, St Bede’s College

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