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Springboard to

Success Workshop

Overview and Objectives


Sixth Form is the bridge between childhood and adulthood. A land of opportunity where young people take important steps towards their future. The actions they take at this point can be life changing.

This exhilarating workshop examines key aspects of moving into the next phase of life including communication skills, looking at what sets YOU apart from the crowd, understanding the qualities (not skills) that employers are looking for and learning key power habits to improve performance and results.

The ‘Springboard to Success’ workshop is perfect for students looking to move successfully into Higher Education or out into the world of work. It builds selfconfidence, aspiration and motivation.

A whole package for success in and beyond sixth form.


  • Students will leave this workshop understanding their strengths, how to use them and how to communicate them with universities and employers in 6th form (and beyond)

  • They will develop ‘laser habits’ to maximise their success 


  • Students will learn to look beyond qualifications at the key qualities required to succeed in life


  • Students will look at life skills required for success as a young adult including managing wellbeing and understanding practical topics such as managing money

  • Aligns with Gatsby Benchmarks 5 & 6

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