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Smash It in 6th Form Workshop


Year groups: 11 - 13

Duration: 2 x 2 hrs

Audience: Up to 150 students per workshop

Course Overview


Moving up to 6th form is an important milestone in a young person’s life - transitioning from childhood to adulthood and taking control of the direction their life will move in. It’s a big moment and the ‘Smash It in 6th Form’ workshop is the perfect way to launch this exciting new phase of life.


This is a highly interactive workshop that introduces students to the core skills needed to cope with the increased demands of KS5 whilst building their resilience and motivation. It shows students how to engage in independent research and self-study and is full of practical advice and simple tools and techniques; ideal for students embarking on the Year 12 curriculum or for Year 13 students requiring a boost to their learning or self-confidence.


A whole package for success in 6th form, and an essential element in ongoing accelerated learning and development.

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