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Resilient Me Online Client Feedback Form

Thank you for your recent booking with Resilient Me Online.


We would be very grateful if you could now take a few minutes to feedback your thoughts on the workshop(s) and your overall experience. Please rate each area as below, then add any additional feedback in the comments box should you wish.

Client Feedback for Resilient Me Online
TECHNICAL: How would you rate the technical side of Resilient Me Online, including the registration/login process, site speed , etc.
PRESENTATION: Please give your rating for the overall quality of presentation including the presenter, supporting graphics and worksheets
INTEGRATION - How well did the workshop(s) work alongside the school or college curriculum, and did they provide useful extra learnings for students, staff and parents?
How likely are you to use Resilient Me Online again?

Thank you for taking the time to complete this feedback form.It will be carefully reviewed by the Resilient Me team and used to improve our workshops and processes wherever we can.

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