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Prepare to Pass Workshop


Year groups: 9 - 13

Duration: 2 x 2hrs, 3 x 80 minutes or 4 x 1 hr

Audience: Up to 150 students per workshop


Please note: To get the full benefit from this workshop we recommend the 2 hour workshop. Shorter versions are still very effective (and sometimes more suitable for harder-to-engage students) but this does mean that some content has to be removed.


Year groups: 9 - 13

Duration: 11 Modules of approx 15 minutes each with recap tests

Audience: Unrestricted and includes FREE access for teachers and parents

In the words of Benjamin Franklin: “Failing to prepare is preparing to fail”. Worry not though! ‘Prepare to Pass’ is the perfect preparation for mock, GCSE and A level exams.


It looks at the key areas of self-belief, organisation, reviewing and stress management all wrapped up in a powerful workshop, complete with a revision toolkit that’s second to none and flexible enough to suit everyone!


Students begin by looking at self-belief and examining their own reasons for wanting success in their exams. This is followed by a comprehensive set of world-class revision techniques – a toolkit, if you like, that guarantees to offer something to suit everyone. Organisation, including the study / life balance and pacing is next with a rigorous look at how to maximise the impact of every revision session to boost exam results. The workshop ends by building confidence through a range of stress-management techniques. This workshop represents an essential component in any student's accelerated learning and development.

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