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The Circus of Life Workshop

for Teenagers


Year groups: 7 - 13

Duration: 2 x 2hrs, 3 x 80 minutes or 4 x 1 hr

Audience: Up to 150 students per workshop


Please note: For large groups in Years 7 - 11 we would recommend the shorter version of Circus of Life (known as How to be Happier). For smaller, targeted groups the 2 hour version is more suitable.

KS5 are mature enough to handle the longer session in large groups.



Year groups: 7 - 13

Duration: 10 Modules of approx 15 minutes each with recap tests

Audience: Unrestricted and includes FREE access for teachers and parents

Our flagship workshop, ‘The Circus of Life’, has introduced thousands of students to a whole new way of thinking about their own and other's mental health, their personal wellbeing and ongoing self development.


The concept is a simple one. Based on the skills a circus performer might learn including juggling multiple things, finding sustainable balance and taking calculated risks, The Circus of Life workshop is a 10 year-old success story that has genuinely improved student lives and dramatically increased personal performance. It has also helped to make happier, more resilient students who are better equipped to cope with social pressures and change.


Stress is the number one cause of illness for today’s young people. They are living in an increasingly fast-paced environment preparing themselves for jobs – many of which don’t yet exist - and with every aspect of their progress being scrutinised relentlessly. This workshop is designed to help teenagers become resilient to these pressures showing them how to spot and deal with the danger areas in their own lives whilst looking forward in a positive and inspiring way.


For more information about the workshops contact us,  view the video or download the factsheet below.


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