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Accelerate Workshop

Overview and Objectives


Smashing skills and building belief! 

‘Accelerate’ is the perfect mix of skills, mindset and habits required for success in Key Stage 3. 
It’s a fun and inspirational event that equips studen
ts with a range of study tools and techniques they can put to use immediately. But it doesn’t stop there! It also encourages self-reflection resulting in a boost to confidence, self-belief and aspiration. 

‘Accelerate’ is a high-impact, dynamic experience that your students will love! A whole package for success in and beyond sixth form.


  • Use a range of accelerated learning techniques to promote good study skills and to boost confidence


  • Understand how skills learned both inside and outside of school can help them towards their future exam and career success


  • Use self-reflection techniques to boost confidence and happiness

  • Use goal setting techniques to raise aspirations

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