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The demands placed upon employees and managers can often cause hidden, then visible, symptoms of stress. Understanding the root causes and being able to manage stress effectively is of paramount importance in maintaining a productive and energised workplace.


Beyond this, developing personal performance and a positive mental attitude enables the best possible results from both individuals and teams.

At a higher level, our management training teaches the specific skills and behaviours needed to manage and inspire others.



For over ten years, Resilient Me has been changing the attitudes and mindsets of schoolchildren and college students for the better nationwide.

Through our engaging and memorable workshops, countless young people have learned the techniques and gained the knowledge to make them less stressed, more confident and better able to cope with examinations and social pressures.

Consistently excellent feedback from a variety of age groups is testimony to the engaging delivery and usefulness of these workshops, and we look forward to telling you more.



The Resilient Me Online website offers paid online access to our workshops and other resources, plus valuable group coaching and community support.

You can purchase individual workshops, or for a modest monthly subscription you can access expert interviews, guided meditations, email support and discounted 1:1 coaching.

Group packages are available for businesses and educational establishments who wish to provide ongoing training and support to staff, students and parents - please click below for more information.


Proven workshops for resilience, wellbeing and management training deivered successfully for over ten years to businesses, schools and colleges in the UK and abroad. Available in person, virtually through Zoom and online via our subscriber website

The story of Resilient Me began when its Principal and Founder, Rachel Munns, experienced a close member of her family suffering a major breakdown due to stress at work. 20 years on, her company is an essential partner in combatting workplace and student stress issues...



Our factsheets and learning resources are free for you to download. We hope you will find them useful and informative. As we write other factsheets, newsletters and articles, we'd like keep you in the loop and also let you know about any new courses or siginifcant news.


COMING SOON Here you will find our own publications and, over the coming months, addtional titles and resources available for purchase. Discounts are available for multiple or bulk orders - please contact us for more information.


Introducing Resilient Me

A short video introduction to Resilient Me, our backstory and our workshops.

The Circus of Life Book

Written by Rachel Munns as a result of her own family's stress problems, The Circus of Life book has been helping teenagers and adults to identify and combat the common causes of everyday mental health problems. Stress is the number one cause of teenage illness and employee absenteeism in the UK. Suicide rates in the  13-19 age group are at an all-time high, and the Mental Health Service is simply overwhelmed.


With this book, sufferers and parents/teachers can get practical help and guidance before stress begins to cause any major health and social problems.


Both the teenage and adult versions of The Circus of Life book are available to order directly from Resilient Me, or through major online retailers.

Circus of Life Book_master artwork_Front Cover.jpg
Circus of Life Book_Adult Edition_Cover Jpeg.jpg

DiSC®is the original, oldest, most validated, reliable, personal assessment used by over 50 million individuals and corporations to improve lives, interpersonal relationships, work productivity, teamwork, and communication! The assessments are based on the 1928 work of psychologist William Moulton Marston.

Resilient Me can now offer DISC assesments as part of its workshops or training as an invaluable and strategic add-on. Please contact us for more information.

We're now DISC Accredited...


Back at the office?

As we ease out of lockdown, a number of clients are asking for our thoughts on a return to work strategy and anything that can be done to make the transition easier for their staff. So we put together a simple, easy to follow infographic which will give you some tips towards a safe and manageable return to 'the new normal'.

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Back to Work Infographic


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