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Strength through


  • Proven workshops from Resilient Me for mental health awareness, building resilience, accelerated learning skills and personal development 

  • For educators, businesses and private individuals



Our unique 3-stage approach to business training works from the inside out, building resilient
individuals who together can build
resilient businesses.

Stage One - Mental Health
Awareness, Personal Wellbeing and

These are the prioritities before any other training. Without them, any future training could be wasted.

Stage Two - Mindset, Motivation and Personal Leadership
When you’re in the right mindset, it’s
titime to set some goals and make  plans for self-improvement.

Stage Three - Specific Skills
Develop those skills with a full suite of
training that will help managers and their teams become the very best that they can be.



For over ten years, Resilient Me has been changing the attitudes and mindsets of schoolchildren and college students across the nation for the better.

Through our engaging and thought-provoking workshops, countless young people have learned the techniques and gained the knowledge to make them less stressed, more confident and better able to cope with examination and social pressures.

Consistently excellent feedback from a variety of age groups is testimony to the dynamic delivery and effectiveness of these workshops. We look forward to telling you more.



Resilient Me Online offers easy to use and well-managed online access to our wellbeing and accelerated learning training.

Individual workshops can be purchased for yourself and/or your family, and there are also discounted group packages available for student yeargroups or company staff members.


A series of video modules featuring Founder and Principal Rachel Munns guide the viewer through the workshop at their own pace, with recap tests after each to ensure full understanding of the key points. Resilient Me Online can also provide ongoing training and support to staff, students and parents after a face to face delivery.


Proven workshops for resilience, MHA,  personal wellbeing, accelerated learning  and management training deivered successfully for over ten years to businesses, schools and colleges in the UK and abroad. Available in person, virtually through Zoom and online via our sister website



The story of Resilient Me began when its Principal and Founder, Rachel Munns, experienced a close member of her family suffering a major breakdown due to stress at work. 20 years on, her company is an essential partner in combatting workplace and student stress.


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The factsheets and learning resources on this website are free for you to download. We hope you will find them useful and informative. As we write other factsheets, newsletters and articles, we'd like keep you in the loop... so subscibe to our newsletter today!



Written by Rachel Munns, The Circus of Life book is available in two versions; one for struggling teenagers and one for stressed- out adults. Find out what causes stress, how it manifests itslef, and most importantly what you can do to  minimise it!

We're also DISC Accredited...

DiSC®is the original, oldest, most validated, reliable, personal assessment used by over 50 million individuals and corporations to improve lives, interpersonal relationships, work productivity, teamwork, and communication! The assessments are based on the 1928 work of psychologist William Moulton Marston.


Resilient Me offers DISC assesments as part of its workshops or training as an invaluable and strategic add-on. Please contact us for more information.

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