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Resilient Me’s

Mental Health Mission


Welcome to our new and exciting initiative to improve the mental health and wellbeing of anyone that takes part.  


Should you choose to, each mental health mission (or MHM) is also an opportunity to raise money on behalf of your chosen mental health charity (or charities) -  thereby helping to improve the mental health of others.


How it works


From the list of simple and straightforward daily missions below (each of which is beneficial to your mental health), you can choose whether you will run your challenge for 30 days, 60 days or 90 days and thereby earn a bronze, silver or gold MHM award.





How to take part


1. Let Resilient Me know which MHM you are taking on, and for how long. We will give you any information or help you need, and will publicise your mission via social media (but only if you want us to).


2. If you wish your mission to raise money for a mental health charity, then you have a couple of options:

a. Download a bronze, silver or gold sponsorship form here or

b. Create a JustGiving page for your nominated charity or

c. Create a JustGiving Crowdfunding page. This is easy to do and allows you to split the money you raise across a number of different charities / causes


3. Keep us informed of your progress throughout your MHM by social media or by email – the more stories or photos the better!


4. Let us know when you have completed your mission and we will celebrate with you! Not only will you be feeling better, but if you have been sponsored you’ll have been helping others too. Be sure to let us know which charities/causes have benefitted from your efforts.

The Mental Health Mission is something that everyone can do, and that can be as easy or as difficult as you choose to make it.


The most important thing is that together we are changing our mental health for good!


DOWNLOAD THE MISSIONS HERE! Bronze (30 days) Sponsorship Form Silver (60 days) Sponsorship Form Gold (90 days) Sponsorship Form MHM_Medals