Stress-Free Study Skills Workshop


Year groups: 8 - 11

Duration: 2 x 2 hrs 3 x 80 mins 4 x 1 hr

Audience: Up to 150 students per workshop

Please note: To get the full benefit from this workshop we recommend the 2 hour workshop. Shorter versions are still very effective (and sometimes more suitable for harder-to-engage students) but this does mean that some content has to be removed.

“We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence then is not an act, but a habit” Aristotle

Stress-free Study is the perfect introduction to the techniques, habits and attitudes required for exam success. It is an entertaining, dynamic and inspirational event that equips students with a range of study tools and techniques they can use immediately in the classroom and at home. It is a high-impact experience that significantly boosts self-confidence and raises aspirations.

At the end of this workshop students will be able to:

• Take control of their learning

• Use a wide range of study tools & techniques

• Understand how their brain works and the benefits of positive thinking

• Implement a regular review schedule

• Use the ‘Summary Poster’ note-taking technique

• Adopt a positive approach to learning and revising

• Manage stress levels by adopting a ‘little and often’ approach

• Understand multi-sensory learning