Virtual Training via Zoom

Even before the Coronavirus hit, stress induced mental health issues were the number one cost to businesses here in the UK. Sadly, for the forseeable future this situation is likely to get even worse.


Staff are worried every day for their safety, their jobs, their income and their future - but many also fear working alongside others and the health risks that may accompany that. There has never been a greater need for reassurance and support from employers, so that employees may continue to work at their best and focus on the difficult job in hand.


Resilient Me has created a large number of live, interactive, online workshops covering a full range of topics to support managers and staff with their mental wellbeing. These topics include:



  • Managing Emotions & Wellbeing during Coronavirus
  • Understanding Stress & Building Personal Wellbeing
  • Mental Health Awareness and Wellbeing
  • Building Resilience, Growth & Focus
  • Understanding & Supporting Wellbeing in the context of the COVID19 situation (Managers)
  • Managing Wellbeing Conversations in the context of the COVID19 situation (Managers)



We are also happy to create bespoke programmes to meet your needs. Click on the factsheet below for full information about the workshop content and outcomes.