The Circus of Life Workshop

for Business

Our flagship workshop, ‘The Circus of Life’, has introduced thousands of managers and employees to a whole new way of thinking about their own and other's mental health, their personal wellbeing and ongoing self development.


The concept is a simple one. Based on the skills a circus performer might learn including juggling multiple things, finding sustainable balance and taking calculated risks, The Circus of Life workshop is a 10 year-old success story that has genuinely improved lives and dramatically increased workplace performance. It has also helped to make happier, more resilient employees who are better able to cope with change.


This workshop teaches the actual science of stress and mental health issues, and goes on to teach the strategies and techniques that will enable delegates to both recognise and combat any primary cause. The Circus of Life is available in a number of different versions and durations, to suit your individual company needs. There is also an option to 'train the trainer', to facilitate ongoing workshops and support internally.


For more information about the workshop, contact us or take a look the video or factsheets below.