Motivated Me Workshop


Year groups: 9 - 13

Duration: 2 x 2hrs, 3 x 80 minutes or 4 x 1 hr

Audience: Up to 150 students per workshop



Year groups: 9 - 13

Duration: 9 Modules of approx 15 minutes each with recap tests

Audience: Unrestricted and includes FREE access for teachers and parents


True motivation comes from within. ‘Motivated Me’ inspires students to feel excited about their futures and equips them with the knowledge and tools they need to plan their routes to success.


It’s a fantastic, dynamic workshop inspired by some of the world’s leading motivational speakers including Tony Robbins and Nick Vujicic. It helps students of all ages to find their own reasons to work hard and willingly put in the effort they need to succeed!


Course Objectives


  • To help students understand what motivation is and where it comes from
  • To encourage students to take personal responsibility for themselves and their futures
  • To help students approach their studies with confidence and achieve better results
  • To encourage students to develop self-motivation
  • To increase confidence in their ability to succeed
  • To adopt a positive mind set and encourage personal resilience
  • A valuable workshop for ongoing accelrated learning and development