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In 2020/21 we created a brand new, unique membership website that gives everyone online access to our resilience and wellbeing workshops, then adds the support of an online community plus other valuable benefits. The site has now been launched and you can purchase individual workshops, monthly or annual memberships plus group packages for businesses, schools or other organisations.


For a modest monthly fee, the new site offers both youth and adult memberships with dedicated content and services. As well as benefiting from monthly group coaching and email support, members can share their stories, listen to expert interviews, take part in group challenges and even exercise and meditate in bespoke classes!


The Circus of Life, Prepare to Pass and Stress Free Study Skills workshops are also available to purchase independently of membership, and can be enjoyed at a pace to suit the student or delegate through newly-created video modules that are both engaging and easy to follow. Each one has a short recap test at the end to reinforce the learnings.


Bespoke packages of multiple memberships or individual workshops are available for companies, schools and colleges too - please contact us for a quote or more information.



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